About Classical Homeopathy

About David Johnson CCH, RSHom, PA

I began my medical career as a conventionally trained physician assistant. My work spanned the areas of ophthalmology, orthopedics, urgent care, family medicine and internal medicine. I also taught clinical medicine at the University of Wisconsin and Augsburg College Physician Assistant Programs.

My search for a more holistic approach led me to homeopathy. I completed my homeopathic training at the International Foundation for Homeopathy in Seattle and the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis. Ultimately the shift to homeopathic practice was a result of my desire for a safer and more effective means of providing individualized care.

I’ve seen all ages and nearly all physical, mental & emotional conditions. Homeopathy can help most conditions, but it needs to be a good fit for the individual, too. I currently sees patients in Madison, Wisconsin; Pewaukee, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and online via Skype or other web-based communication.

Finally, I’m a certified classical homeopath, and a professional member of the North American Society of Homeopaths.

About Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment, like all truly natural therapies, seeks to stimulate your innate healing potential so all physiological systems function at their best.  As you move toward your optimal level of general health, you feel better. Specific symptoms also improve as the body’s defenses become stronger.


In homeopathy we approach a person’s health as a condition of the entire individual. We do not look at symptoms as separate and isolated from each other, nor do we diagnose disease or treat “diseases”. Remedies are selected that best correspond to the total state of imbalance, based on your physical, mental and emotional experience of imbalance.

Scope of Homeopathy

Homeopathy acts at an energetic level, therefore it has a broad effect; shifting mental, emotional and physical symptoms.  Since homeopathy is used to assist you rather than to treat illness, anyone, whatever your diagnosis, can benefit from homeopathic care.  Homeopathy helps by increasing your strength and resistance to disease and is very effective in relieving chronic health complaints. Homeopathy is essentially about bringing your life into balance, giving you freedom from limitation to live your life to your fullest potential.
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Homeopathic Consultation

The homeopathic process is both simple and noninvasive.  It begins with an initial consultation and continues with follow-up visits every few months for monitoring your progress.
Essential to effective homeopathic care is the information you provide. You’ll describe as fully as possible, in your own way, the conditions that have caused you to seek homeopathic care.  Your description can include everything that is truly characteristic of your problems.
In addition to understanding your symptoms, you can speak about yourself in general. It’s important to understand how vital and energetic you feel and how your sense of well-being changes as a result of outside factors. You might talk about such things as food preferences, fears, and dreams. You can also discuss your mental/emotional nature, including topics such as what activities make you feel most happy, and what emotional patterns most limit your ability to express yourself. The ultimate goal of a homeopathic consultation is to understand what is most unique and characteristic about you, both in terms of your strengths and challenges.
Interesting in learning more about homeopathy?   The book “Beyond Flat Earth Medicine” by Timothy Dooley can be accessed for no charge by clicking here: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine